Date: May 29th, 2022
  Time: 6-9 PM EST
unmissable training:
unmissable training:

Uncover Secret Event Space Strategies...

That everyday people are leveraging to generate $10,000.00 in guaranteed cash every single month! Our last workshop filled up in 5 minutes! HURRY - Only 200 seats available:
  Date: May 29th, 2022
  Time: 6-9 PM EST

This Strategy Has Zero Risk & A Proven 100% Success Rate: 

HURRY - Only 200 Seats Available!

In This Unmissable Training, You Will Discover: 

How to find your FIRST Event Space location and start generating $250.00+ PER HOUR.

How to fund your Event Space with ZERO money out of pocket leveraging tried, tested, and proven funding hacks.
How to generate consistent passive income and scale your Event Space business to $10,000.00/month.
HURRY - Only 200 Seats Available!

Wondering If An Event Space Business Right For You?

If you’re looking for a risk-free, guaranteed cash opportunity that will generate consistent rental income in as little as 3 months… WITHOUT the typical tenants, toilets, and trash... Starting an Event Space business is a total no-brainer. For starters, this business model has a 100% success rate: 
HURRY - Only 200 Seats Available!

I’ve helped every single one of my students get their own event space…

Regardless of location, money in their pocket, or experience level. That’s because demand is sky-high and competition is low.  How many people have you heard of starting an Event Space business? That’s my point. This industry isn’t in the limelight – YET – which is why now is the best, most profitable time to start and get ahead of the curve. 

“But Nehemiah, I don’t have experience…”

Neither did ANY of my students: 

It Doesn’t Matter If You’ve...

...Never leased a property, hosted an event, or started a successful business before… The learning curve for this industry is practically nonexistent.  If you have a phone and a laptop… 

You can start building your event space business TODAY, from the comfort of your home, without ANY money out of pocket. “But, I don’t live in the right neighborhood for this…”
Location does not matter. The event space strategy you’ll learn can be applied anywhere to any space. 
  • Weddings
  • Seminars
  • Baby showers
  • ​Birthday parties
  • ​Sports competitions
These events are already happening in your local area. With this training, you will be the one to profit off of them...

...Just Like HUNDREDS Of My Students Already Are: 

HURRY - Only 200 Seats Available!

Secure Your Seat On The Event Space Training Today!

SUNDAY, May 29th @ 7 PM EST
6 PM - 8 PM EST


What You'll Get:

  • 2 hours of networking before the main session starts with Nehemiah Davis.
  • ​Access to a private VIP telegram chat with Nehemiah Davis and other VIP members.
  • ​Access to the training.
8 PM - 9 PM EST


What You'll Get:

  • ​Access to the training.
Your Host:
Your Host:

Nehemiah Davis

Nehemiah Davis is an awarding author and serial entrepreneur who has helped thousands of “normal” people start successful businesses. Neo is the champion of the event space business. He currently owns 2 event spaces, which generate over $10,000.00/month… 

Now, he wants to show you how to copy his success. Neo wants to share the groundbreaking event space strategies he has discovered to help everyday people generate extraordinary results. Want them?
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